Welcome to CatholicCare NT

Join us in making a positive difference in the lives of Territorians

CatholicCare NT has been making a difference in the lives of Territorians since 1993.

We exist to help others make a positive difference in their lives through our counselling services, drug and alcohol programs, family support, mental health programs, employment services and other initiatives.

As an organisation, we are committed to engaging in genuine partnerships based on the principles of subsidiarity, development, dialogue, leadership, local investment, and place-based services.

Working for CatholicCare NT will provide you with a career full of rewarding experiences, opportunities for personal and professional growth and the ability to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Our organisational culture is inclusive and supportive, and we are guided by the values of dignity, respect, equality, subsidiarity and social justice.

We have a range of roles for skilled, passionate, and motivated people ranging from corporate services in our head office, to management positions in regional centres or direct service delivery roles in remote communities.

We look forward to welcoming you to CatholicCare NT.

To find out more about CatholicCare NT visit our website: http://www.catholiccarent.org.au/