Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values

Our mission

To contribute to a society that values all its members by strengthening individuals, families and communities in ways that respect their dignity and culture.

We provide social services and are a voice for people in need.

Our vision

Healthy families, connected communities, honouring cultures. 

Our values

Based on Catholic Social Teaching, our values include:

Human Dignity and Respect

Poverty, hunger, oppression, and injustice make it impossible to live a life that is in keeping with dignity.  All our programs are people-centred with empowerment at their heart.  People are never treated as commodities nor as mere recipients of aid.

Economic Justice and Equal Rights

CatholicCare NT’s programs focus on the development of the whole person and increasing the wellbeing of communities.  We are committed to programs that enable the financial wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.

Preferential option for those people experiencing poverty and vulnerability

Reaching the poorest, most vulnerable and marginalised people often requires greater effort in discovering where they are to be found.  We are always ready to apply for contracts tha work with people in such circumstances and we are committed to place bases services.  This sometimes  means additional resources of time, staffing and money.

Working for the Common Good

Priority is given to development programs which  involve collaboration with all relevant sectors of the community to promote the common good for all people.  It involves coordination of resources, planning and action across agencies and organisations.


CatholicCare NT expresses solidarity by reaching out to those who are most marginalised.  We are committed to long term engagement and sustainability, and we are a voice of advocacy when needed.

Stewardship of Creation

Our development programs are attentive to environmental concerns, and we seek to promote care for the earth and its resources.  This also extends to our work places.  How we care for this environment, the equipment, the products we use and the disposal of waste also reflects this stewardship.

Subsidiarity and Participation

CatholicCare NT works with local communities to support promote and develop their capacity in decision making so they can better respond to their own needs.  Our staff are also given the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process of the organisation.

Promotion of Peace

CatholicCare NT programs promote justice, collaboration and respect for people’s differences.  This does not only refer to our clients and business partners.  It is also reflected in how we work together in a harmonious way with our colleagues from many and varied cultures.