Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Values

Our Mission

To contribute to a society that values all its members by strengthening individuals, families and communities in ways that respect their dignity and culture.

We provide social services and are a voice for people in need.

Our Vision

Healthy families, connected communities, honouring cultures. 

Our Values

Based on Catholic Social Teaching, our values include:


We honour ourselves and others, and we care about their rights and dignity. We are respectful and courteous in the way we speak, act and treat people. We behave in ways that makes life more peaceful for those around us. We care for our environment and the country on which we work to ensure that our actions do not cause further destruction. Our respect for Aboriginal communities is outlined in the strategies of our Reconciliation Action Plan which outlines our commitment to the employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at all levels of our organisation, celebrating relevant Aboriginal events, and working with other Aboriginal agencies. 


We are sincere, open and trustworthy. We are accountable and reliable and we have the integrity to go the right thing. We can be relied on to carry out the commitments we make and our actions match our words. We are strongly committed to the safety of children which is reflected  in our safeguarding children policy, our code of conduct and the standards relating to accreditation and work place health and safety.


We have the conviction to do what needs to be done, even if it means going against the majority. We have the strength to continue even when we feel like giving up. We make decisions to deliver programs in places tha may be difficult at times. We have the courage to face the truth and be willing to try again. We walk in solidarity with others and are prepared to be a voice of advocacy for those in need.


We work together for the good of everyone. We are open to forming partnerships with the other organisations and groups with a particular focus on Aboriginal business and Corporations to ensure we provide the best possible service to our participants. We respect the cultures of the lands on which we conduct our services, and we connect with the community, Traditional Owners and Elders to make decisions together that may affect them. 


We act with justice to ensure that people experience equity and equality. We work towards meeting everyones needs. We engage in two-way listening, and we listen to the views of others with openness and without prejudice. We walk side by side with people to enable them to experience empowerment.